Dr. Howard Stromwasser O.D.

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    Dr. Stromwasser has been practicing in the area for over thirty-five years, continuously providing personal service to his patients, their children, and grandchildren. 

    His experience with contact lenses and continued education has enabled him to grow a large practice. He is able to solve vision needs for those with presbyopic correction (near problems) using various types of lenses including multifocal contact lenses.

    Dr. Stromwasser also helps people manage their chronic dry eye problems and allergies, many of which, were previously unable to wear contact lenses, but now can.

    His office provides full services including cataract and laser vision comanagement, diabetic eye examinations, retinal photography, glaucoma eye examinations, and automated visual fields, sports and industrial vision.

    His office also offers fashionable eyewear with an on premises laboratory with trained opticians.

    Most insurances are accepted along with VISA and Mastercard. 

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